Drug and Alcohol Counselors Offer Hope for Those Suffering from Addiction

Main image of blog titled Drug and Alcohol Counselors Offer Hope for Those Suffering from Addiction

Main image of blog titled Drug and Alcohol Counselors Offer Hope for Those Suffering from Addiction

All across the United States, individuals and families are struggling to cope with substance abuse. Addiction is a chronic neurological disorder and is treated like other chronic conditions. Protecting children, young people, and adults from the negative health effects of substance misuse have become a priority. Help is a phone call away at Stepping Stones in Lincoln, Nebraska, where drug and alcohol counseling is available in a safe and welcoming environment.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Hurts Everyone in the Family

Dependence on alcohol and drugs is a serious national public health problem. It is prevalent among rich and poor, in all regions of the country, and all ethnic and social groups.

Millions of Americans misuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs. Most of them have families who suffer the consequences of living with this illness. If there is alcohol or drug dependence in your family, you are not alone.

Most individuals who abuse alcohol or drugs have jobs. They are members of society yet create a false hope in their family to think that “it’s not that bad”. They give others the impression that everything is fine. Addiction gets worse over time. It hurts the addicted person and the family, especially young children and adolescents. For those reasons, it is important to seek help at the earliest signs of substance abuse. The Stepping Stones drug and alcohol counselors can help.

Substance Abuse Counseling Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Drug or alcohol dependence disorders are medical conditions that can be effectively treated. Millions of Americans and their families are in healthy recovery from this disease. The first step is to recognize that you or a loved one needs drug and alcohol counseling. Finding the right counseling center can be difficult. The drug and alcohol counselors at Stepping Stones in Lincoln also want to make sure that we address your needs in every way possible.

At Stepping Stones, the first step is to meet with our drug and alcohol counselors. We will listen as you talk about your addiction so that we can develop a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs. Our drug and alcohol counselors understand the importance of teaching you healthy coping and problem-solving skills.

Providing You an Effective Treatment Plan  

Stepping Stones offers services to assist in your recovery from addiction. Some of the services provided through our drug and alcohol counseling program include:

  • Assessing your substance abuse problem, as well as your health

  • Identifying substance abuse issues and creating an individualized treatment plan with goals

  • Providing you with guidance and support throughout your program

  • Teaching you coping skills

  • Offering you group therapy sessions

  • Providing your family members with guidance and support

Stepping Stones in Lincoln provides a safe and welcoming environment. Our specialized drug and alcohol counselors are committed to treating you with dignity, respect, and compassion. Stopping alcohol or drug abuse is the first step to recovery. Maintaining a long-term treatment plan will help you move toward a healthier and productive life.

Call Stepping Stones in Lincoln, NE today at 402-488-6511. Counselors are available Monday through Friday by appointment only. Pregnant or parenting women and/or IV drug users receive priority in scheduling at Stepping Stones. We also offer drug and alcohol evaluations to individuals in jail.