Stepping Stones offers hope and healing to individuals and families in need. Our Outpatient Substance Abuse Center in Lincoln, Nebraska, offers the following services: 

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Drug and alcohol evaluations are available to adults Monday through Friday by appointment only. Pregnant or parenting women and/or IV drug users are given priority in scheduling. Stepping Stones also offers drug and alcohol evaluations to individuals in jail.

Outpatient Counseling and Treatment

For individuals and families struggling with substance use, Stepping Stones in Lincoln offers counseling in a safe and welcoming environment. We understand that substance use is difficult to overcome and it can impact an individual’s life, as well as members of their family. 

Our professionals will work with you, or with you and your family, to develop a person-centered treatment plan specific to your needs that incorporates healthy coping and problem-solving skills. Counseling is offered by appointment and we make every effort to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Youth Substance Abuse Services

We understand the importance of early intervention and can perform an alcohol and drug evaluation for your adolescent (ages 13-18). This evaluation will establish whether alcohol or other drugs are a problem. If so, we will provide recommendations and referrals for treatment. We also provide outpatient counseling services by appointment and will work with you to accommodate your scheduling needs.

To schedule an appointment for drug and alcohol evaluations
or outpatient counseling and treatment, call 402-488-6511.